Investment Strategies for Global Real Estate and Businesses [Second Edition], How to make BIG money with SMALL capital?




In this second edition of MCM book, you will envelop beyond global real estate perspective top with global businesses and interactive strategies that one of the strategies was being nominated in the Edison Award. In addition, you will learn: 

  • More than 25 curated topics for different types of investing purposes and needs. 
  • Discard many potential investments that may perform poorly overtime or that are not right for the investment goals you are looking to achieve. 

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out with your first investment, it always pays a good understanding of the pattern trends to keep abreast as they change. 

The reason it is important to choose is that the sooner you start, the greater the effects of compounding. Having an investment strategy is like having an instruction booklet guiding you through the investment process. It will help you discard many potential investments that may perform poorly overtime or that are not right for the investment goals you are looking to achieve. 

Over the span of 15 years, I have travelled extensively to many countries that can potentially offer a secured, calculated risk, attractive Return on Investment (ROI) and ultimately defined exit strategies. With strong support from our trusted networks, we have expanded our projects not only in our home county Malaysia, but also to Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and soon to follow many other potential countries. Throughout this journey, I have come across many fresh investors voicing their disappointment on their local investment portfolio, either the appreciation is below expectation, or they are making losses. 

The investment landscape can be amazingly unique and ever-developing. However, the individuals who set aside the effort to comprehend the essential standards and the distinctive resource classes remain to pick up fundamentally as time goes on. The initial step is figuring out how to recognize various kinds of investment and what rung each possesses on the “strategies ladder.” When it comes to investing, to be a champ, you should commit as barely any exorbitant errors as could be expected under the circumstances. While many individuals might want to accept that are above committing investment errors, there is nobody in the realm of contributing who has not committed a mistake. The key is to understand how to avoid from making the expensive ones. Understanding and overseeing strategies and risk are the prime part of this. Take an excessive amount of risk and you may imperil your financial future with huge losses. 

“He who teaches others will himself be wiser.” –ADJ. PROF. TS. MAXSHANGKAR 



Adj. Prof. Ts. Maxshangkar (CVTAPC) obtained his  MBA in International Business with a Distinction  from the University of East London, United Kingdom which was offered through the WIM College. He first gained experience from selling health care  products and water purification systems. Later  he immersed into many business ventures such as network marketing, commodity trading, and buying and selling petrole um products around the world. Then, a door of opportunity opened  before him through property marketing. The decisive factor for the  opportunity was the rise of the property market after the 2008 Global  Financial Crisis. 

He is the founder and Group C.E.O. of Max Capital Management  Holding Ltd (MCM). MCM is a group of companies, comprising of  multi-award global investment holding and project management  consultancy firms providing specialised corporate strategy advisory  services and strategic planning for both local and internationally  renowned property developers and builders. MCM also does marketing and sales strategies for real estate agencies, agents, investment  holding companies with high net-worth investors for global real  estate investment and global business expansion. He has handled  numerous mega projects in several countries like Malaysia, Hong  Kong, Germany, Vietnam, US, UK, New Zealand, Indonesia, and  India with a combined projects value of more than USD 10 billion  worldwide. He is also a regular speaker and presenter at many  private investment seminars to high net-worth investors, property  investors, conferences and symposiums. 

How you do anything,  is how you do everything! – T. Harv Eker



Mr Roy Ong graduated from Multimedia University  with B. Engineering (Hons) Electronics majoring  in Multimedia. After his graduation, Roy worked  for 4 MNCs in consultation and sales, with the  experience gained he was able to set up an APAC  headquarter for a Japanese semi-conductor  distribution company in Malaysia. Roy has over  15 years of experience advising industrial clients  operating in most business sectors including medical, semi-conductor,  manufacturing, automotive and aviation on technical and commercial  matters, particularly in the ASEAN region. 

Roy plunged into Malaysia’s property industry since 2003 and has dealt  with the ups and downs especially during the recession. Roy founded  Property Network International, a non-profit community in KL where  investors share their unbiased views on property market outlook. 

In 2014, Roy joined MCM as Relationship Manager. Now, he is the  Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MCM Group and Chief Operating  Officer of MCM Global Education. With several successful investment  experience under his belt, Roy is currently managing a wide range of  projects including international school, student’s accommodation and  property development among others. Roy also plays a significant role  in structuring property deals for property development and property  management. 



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