Setting our financial goals can be puzzling when we don’t know how to achieve them properly. If you’re puzzled on how to stir up your financial goals, here are 4 Powerful Tricks on how to smash any financial goals and set yourself up for personal finance success!

1- Overcome your fears

Are you worried that you’re living paycheck to paycheck? Are you afraid of not saving enough for retirement or your child’s education? Hmmm… actually, everyone has their own financial fears and that’s a fact. The trick is you need to know exactly what you’re afraid of. Knowing your financial fears will lead you to find the ways on how to overcome them. First things first, what you can do is jotting down your financial fears. Anyhow, you need to get rid of those fears no matter what so that you are able to transcend them. Once you overcome your financial fears, your self-confidence will automatically grow and bloom – along with your financial health.

2- Trusting yourself

It’s always about trusting yourself to deal with the financial hurdles as soon as they arise. The key is you need to think you’re worthy of financial success, then only it is possible to trust yourself. The people who can say to themselves, “I believe I can manage my debts effectively and settle them by next year” are those who trust in themselves, not the people who say, “I don’t think I can settle my debts on time.” Suffice to say, you need to believe in yourself in order to succeed. Knowing that you can handle any financial problems will definitely ease you to move forward as well as attain your financial dreams and goals.

3- Cast aside those negative words and thoughts

It is important for all of us not to speak and think negatively. Jokingly or even casually words can cause harm and easily ingrain in our mind. For instance, “I’m not as wealthy as you are”, “I’m broke”, “I don’t have sufficient savings” and “I don’t have enough money.” If you keep saying these negative words, this bad habit will only let you stray away from achieving your financial goals. Thus, we need to stop feeding ourselves with negative words and thoughts. Only one can make a difference in his/her life, for the better.

4- Always look on the bright side of life

Even though sometimes, we may think that we’ll never dig out of debt, worrying about putting aside our finance for savings and paying off our car loan, mortgage, credit cards on a monthly basis…but REMEMBER, every cloud does have a silver lining. Whatever financial obstacles that we may need to go through in life, we should never feel discouraged and believe that difficult times will always lead to better days.

“When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? JUST KEEP SWIMMING, KEEP SWIMMING! ~

– Dory, Finding Nemo


Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. There are high points and low points. If you experience difficulties with your financial goals, do stay positive and never feel discouraged. We just have to keep swimming and never lose hope to reach our financial goals! Just hang in there! We can do it!

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