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About Us

At Clothier, we offer a better way to become fashionable without hurting the planet. We aim to get our voice out there and provide our solution to the masses. Clothier is driven to take post-consumer and post-industrial textile waste and repurpose them into new pieces of clothing that can be worn again, all while maintaining a high sense of fashion and style.

Join us so that we may build a better, more eco-friendly world of tomorrow while being fashionable throughout!

Reworked. Retouched. Rewear.


We aspire to be a sustainable and eco-friendly clothing shop for all audiences. We want to empower others to make a difference in improving the environmental well-being of society through fashion. We are committed to provide unique products and quality service without discrimination


To create local opportunities, growth and impact in the eco-fashion industry of Malaysia. To be a leader in the fight against global warming in the fashion industry and create a better world of tomorrow

Our Team

Wan Izyan.png

Wan Izyan A’qila

Chief Executive Officer

Wan Haqeem.png

Wan Nashrul Haqeem

Chief Administrative Officer

Wilda Syafiqah.png

Wilda Syafiqah

Chief Marketing Officer

Nursyufea Hani.png

Nursyufea Hani

Chief Financial Officer

Rufiyan Ramli.png

Rufiyan Ramli

Head of Digital Creative

Nur Farha Alia.png

Nur Farha Alia

Head of Public Relations

Raisa Alam.png

Raisa Alam

Head of Quality Control & Sustainability

Najim Danish.png

Najim Danish

Creative Director

Adri Wafiq.png

Adri Wafiq

Content Marketing Creator

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1 - Wan Izyan A'qila
2 - Wan Izyan A'qila
3 - Wan Izyan A'qila

Clothier's Catalogue

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Product Range Table

Product Range Table - Wan Izyan A'qila


Our Products

Mockup reworked sweatshirt

Price: RM45


Mockup reworked sweatshirt

Price: RM45


Product 3 - Wan Izyan A'qila (1)

Mockup reworked jeans

Price: RM80


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Wan Izyan.png

Contact PIC: Wan Izyan A’qila Binti Wan Ahmad Faizal

Wan Haqeem.png

Contact PIC: Wan Nashrul Haqeem Bin Wan Kamal

Contact Us

We are happy to assist you anytime. Feel free to call us to inquire about our products and services. You can contact us for delivery services or can make arrangements for self pickup the item from our campus or designated warehouse

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