The Kungfu of Selling Series – 04 Powerful Presentation

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Let’s LEARN the effective skills on powerful presentation by KC See!

With this course, you will learn about the following important aspects:

– How to start with a great opening presentation—miss this and you’ll kill your chances of success
– Why you absolutely must not sell on PRICE & FEATURES—and what to sell on, instead (you may be surprised!)
– Establish authority and positioning—why you need Mega Credibility, the evidence of support to overcome customer skepticism and make the sale
– Step-by-step from presenting your idea to offer. Learn this and your results will be never the same again. Most importantly, you will learn on how to:

  • Converting features into benefits
  • Recommending a customer to take action
  • Building the Units of Conviction


KC See himself started as a sales promoter at a young age of 19. He managed to make some money and went back to school to get an accountancy qualification. KC then started in Ernst & Young as an auditor and eventually started the Quest Learning Group in 1984.

Over the last 36 years, he has trained thousands of salespeople from many different industries; from selling insurance to selling logistic services, industrial cranes and professional services. He was sought after in many countries other than Malaysia including Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. Among his training highlights was training 8,700 sales people for Prudential, hundreds of salespeople and sales managers for DB Schenker, Konecranes, Canon, and many others MNCs. He specially designed and transferred sales training program for Maybank, Great Eastern Life and Proton. You can now have KC to impart his expertise and experience in the comfort of your home.

1 review for The Kungfu of Selling Series – 04 Powerful Presentation

  1. hawajafferi

    This course saves me a lot of time since it gathers all of the required topics for a product presentation, which eliminates the need for me to look for those approaches online. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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