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About Us

Bubble Lave was founded by a group of business, marketing, and accounting majoring students from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) between the ages of 20 and 24. The group consists of five aspiring individuals, which includes Siti Nur Aliah as the group leader; Sybil Durrash as the assistant leader; and Santosh Raman, Ahmad Zulhilmi, and Raja Khuzaiman rounding off the team. Each person possesses a unique and noticeable set of skillsets, strengths, and agility in areas such as marketing, management, design, product development, and accounting. These unique attributes of skills and strength have led us in unison ensuing towards the notion of our product, “Bubble Lave,” and manifesting it into a reality. Aliah was the founder of Bubble Lave, Malaysia’s first ever solid-form floor detergent that would influence the way people clean. She was inspired by the fun idea of a bath bomb and hence decided to form a detergent bomb that would make cleaning fun amongst family members while proving it as a testament to its effectiveness. Besides its practical solutions for cleaning, it is designed to be safe and environmentally friendly by eliminating harmful chemicals that are commonly found in most of the go-to detergent brands on the market. As a leader that leads the group by offering various ideas, she plays a vital role in encouraging other members to enhance and utilise their skills. Santosh and Zulhilmi have taken on the responsibilities of business marketing and creative ideas. Sybil and Raja Khuzaiman were given a role in managing the accounts and contributing with their acquired financial knowledge. As a whole, Bubble Lave is fortunate enough to have these five amazing students working together as a unit and fulfilling our task of creating a product that will do greatly in the market. With our slogan being “Your Fun Answer to Cleaning,” we will work hard and strive to produce the best result possible in ensuring that our product lives up to its stature as an alternative to house cleaning that eliminates 99.99% of germs whilst having fun at the same time.


With the slogan, “Your Fun Answer to Cleaning,” our mission is to produce the first ever solid-form floor detergent that not only eliminates viruses and bacteria but also makes cleaning enjoyable. We are committed to providing chemicals of the best quality while minimising waste in order to protect the health and safety of your loved ones. In Bubble Lave, we trust!


Bubble Lave’s vision is to increase the quality of cleanliness in the lives of many people. Cleaning should be fun for everyone in the family, and we want to help make that happen for you and your loved ones.

Our Team

1.Siti Nur Aliah-CEO - Aliah Mohd

Siti Nur Aliah

Chief Executive Officer

2.Sybil-CFO - Aliah Mohd

Sybil Durrash

Chief Financial Officer

3.Raja Khuzaiman-CTO - Aliah Mohd

Raja Khuzaiman

Chief Risk Officer

4.Ahmad Zulhilmi-CMO - Aliah Mohd

Ahmad Zulhilmi

Chief Marketing Officer

5.Santosh Raman Ganesen-COO - Aliah Mohd

Santosh Raman Ganesen

Chief Operating Officer

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About Bubble Lave
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Scents, benefits, and instructions for use
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Our Team
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Bubble Lave

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1.Siti Nur Aliah-CEO - Aliah Mohd

Contact PIC
Siti Nur Aliah Binti Mohamad Poad

3.Raja Khuzaiman-CTO - Aliah Mohd

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Raja Khuzaiman Norhakim Shah Bin Raja Khairie Sham

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