What is uLearnMoney?

uLearnMoney is an online Financial Literacy Platform that provides financial education for young millennials and assists them to respond to immediate financial challenges, questions and doubts particularly curated for Universities & Colleges students.

Our Objectives

To elevate Financial Literacy among the tertiary students.

To provide a credible and conducive online learning platform to acquire financial knowledge and skills.

To prepare and empower students with the right financial mindset and well-being for their future life beyond academic years.

What are the problems and pain points that uLearnMoney trying to solve and what are the solutions?

Pain Points

  • 2 out of 3 Malaysian are not financial literate.

Society Financial Pain Points

  • Insufficient Emergency Fund
  • Low Retirement Saving
  • High Bankruptcy Rate
  • Trapped by Scam

University Students’ Financial Challenges:

  • 67% are Financially stressed due to High Cost of Living. No saving and lack of financial knowledge.
  • 84% Do not know any particular trusted/ credible online platform to get financial information and advice.
  • 98% can only resort to friends and family and random online search but not confident with their sources.
  • Student loans has huge default debt which amounted to 39 Billion!

Solutions offered by uLearnMoney:

Video Learning

A series of 3 minutes bite sized financial literacy videos presented in fun and engaging ways insert images of all videos.

Live Webinar

Engage with financial experts and liked mind people via monthly live webinar.

Online Mentoring

Get personal facetime mentoring with professional financial mentor to set your financial goal.

Medium of Language

The programmes are currently offered in English in the meantime and are produced by professional English copywriter.

uLearnMoney is a platform with 5Cs advantages and differentiation:



15 years of content creation experience and education on Personal Finance.



Adaptable learning environment coupled with engaging learning presentation.

uLearnMoney Comprehensive


Your finance & investment questions all answered.

uLearnMoney Convenient


Learn Anytime, Anywhere across any devices.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Make your money stretch further with “Content Sharing Economy”.

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