How to Enhance Your Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities

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This course comprises of the following topic in which presented by a speaker with a vast background, knowledge and experience.

Let’s BOOST your entrepreneurial skills and LEARN the strategies needed to be an entrepreneur with Adj. Prof. Ts. Maxshangkar, the Founder and Group C.E.O. of Max Capital Management Holding Ltd (MCM)!

With this course: you will learn and gain meaningful strategies and knowledge on:

1. How to Pitch Your Ideas to Investors

2. How to Spot the Right Deal to Invest! How to Make Big Money with Small Capital 

3. The Success of Entrepreneur’s Pattern

4. Begin the Right Path to Achieve Success In Life

Adj. Prof. Ts. Maxshangkar (CVTAPC) obtained his  MBA in International Business with a Distinction  from the University of East London, United Kingdom which was offered through the WIM College. He first gained experience from selling health care  products and water purification systems. Later  he immersed into many business ventures such as network marketing, commodity trading, and buying and selling petroleum products around the world. Then, a door of opportunity opened  before him through property marketing. The decisive factor for the  opportunity was the rise of the property market after the 2008 Global  Financial Crisis.

He is the founder and Group C.E.O. of Max Capital Management  Holding Ltd (MCM). MCM is a group of companies, comprising of  multi-award global investment holding and project management  consultancy firms providing specialized corporate strategy advisory  services and strategic planning for both local and internationally  renowned property developers and builders. MCM also does marketing and sales strategies for real estate agencies, agents, investment  holding companies with high net-worth investors for global real  estate investment and global business expansion. He has handled  numerous mega projects in several countries like Malaysia, Hong  Kong, Germany, Vietnam, US, UK, New Zealand, Indonesia, and  India with a combined projects value of more than USD 10 billion  worldwide. He is also a regular speaker and presenter at many private investment seminars to high net-worth investors, property  investors, conferences and symposiums.


1 review for How to Enhance Your Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities

  1. aisyahrose

    This course is definitely suitable for entreprenuers who want to elevate their business and investment skills. Grab this course for you to gain valuable tips and enhance your entrepreneurship and investment opportunities from Adj. Prof. Maxshangkar, the Founder and Group CEO of Max Capital Management Holding Ltd. (MCM) through these 4 different trending topics!!

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