Jebe the Super-Morpher




Jebe the Super-Morpher tells the real life story of Azizi Ali growing up in a small village. It tells the story of a boy caught between two worlds and how he used his imagination as an escape route. It also tells the story of life in the 1960s and 1970s when Sports Toto draws were televised live, Bruce Lee becoming king after dying, Bobby played to packed cinemas for months, Sudirman won the hearts of the country, Muhammad Ali floated into town, bell-bottoms were big and disco was the rage. It is a story of growing up.

  • “Sharifah Aini first attracted attention in 1969 after coming in third in singing contest in Singapore. Incidentally, her prize money was $500!”
  • “Asked about recent moves by UMNO against him, Mr Lee said he had not received no cables from Singapore therefore it was probably not serious.”
  • “And to make matters worse, the needles were about a foot long and after they stick it in your gums, your mouth becomes the dentist’s property. No signal from your brain gets through to the mouth anymore after that. So the dentist can do pretty much what he wants with your mouth – poke, knock, drill, play bongo – and you wouldn’t know a thing.”

About The Author:
Azizi Ali is Malaysia’s #1 writer , speaker and coach on money matters. His first book Millionaires are from a Different Planet literally changed the publishing scene in Malaysia. It has sold over 100,000 copies and started the trend for financial books and seminars in the country. Since then, Azizi has written over 30 books on the subject of money and wealth creation.

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