Accelerated Profit From Crisis

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1. Accelerated Profit From Crisis by Mr Ka Hoe, Licensed Financial Planner & Founder of J Advisory. This course comprises of 12 Lessons (8 learning videos and 4 sessions of an online group coaching with the financial speaker).

Course curriculum:

Lesson 1: Assets Vs. Liability

Lesson 2: Where are you financially?

Lesson 3: ICE Jar

Lesson 4: Money Automation System (MAS)

Lesson 5: Debt Restructuring

Lesson 6: Policy Maximization Rate (PMR)

Lesson 7: Hidden Gem System

Lesson 8: Putting Everything Together – Financial Life Compass

Lesson 9: 1st Live group coaching call

Lesson 10: 2nd Live group coaching call

Lesson 11: 3rd Live group coaching call

Lesson 12: Graduation group call

Ka Hoe is a financial practitioner & a financial coach in which had been in the financial industry for the past 12 years & started coaching his clients since 2007. He is also a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) under Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC). 

He is passionate about financial planning & recognizes a big gap in financial education in the community. As a practitioner himself, his experiences include double digit property ownership, owned 2 businesses and successfully raised RM600K through a private crowdfunding. Those were the silver lining as a result of navigating out of 3 of his crisis and survival, which he is willing to share them so that others can learn from his mistakes. 

He had spent the past 12 years experiencing & experimenting on personal finance growth hacks & investment strategies taught by many teachers & gurus. Throughout the years, he also has innovated many strategies, hacks & tools to add value to his 300 clients and helped 70+ families to date, who are mostly the Senior Managers, Managers & Executives from MNCs. He saw that most financial problems were merely the symptoms & very often by solving the problems in health, relationship, and the root causes of most financial problems. 

Ka Hoe also holds a BSc in Computer Science and has been invited to speak at conferences across Malaysia & Singapore.

Testimonials on trainer:

Dennis – My wife & I have benefited tremendously from Ka Hoe, especially ICE JAR which is easy to use & apply. In fact I feel more people should know about it & benefit from it as it is the foundation for anyone learning to invest. My net worth has grown a lot ever since I met Ka Hoe. Keep it up.

Mak – Ka Hoe has helped change my financial outlook to be a smarter spender, saver & investor ever since he shared with me the ICE JAR system. With this simple concept, I was able to buy 2 properties worth RM 1.7 Mil in 3 years, pay off a renovation loan of RM 70K, set aside RM 500/mth for my daughter’s education fund & have a saving habit of RM 3-4K /mth. I am grateful to have him share his experience with me.

Jonathan Ng – Ka Hoe is very helpful and down to earth, with his many years experiences helping himself & others, he can give you the immediate results which you never think can be done this way. Appreciate very much from the bottom of my heart, Ka Hoe. Hope you continue to help more people.

Jeremy – Had a 1 to 1 session with Ka Hoe. It was insightful. He delivered his advice & perspective in such a concise and easy to understand manner that is pretty much what is needed for anyone who’s interested in personal finance. Thx Ka Hoe for this.

What you will learn:

1. Piece up your Profit from Crisis Blueprint to gain crystal clear vision

> Beautifully piecing up all your financial component & ‘see’ the opportunities quickly & easily

2. Discover your Money Management formula

>Tap into your money habits & harness it to make better financial decision while steering away from money cancer

3. Multiply your investment opportunities

> Learn to pick undervalued stocks & profitable companies as easy as 1,2,3

4. Locate your position

> Know where you are now financially & learn are your assets growing healthily?

5. Automate your money flow

> Discover the simple way of automating your income and payment flow so you can spend more time in important things in your life

6. Turnaround your Debts

> Gain insights into interest calculation & make it your unfair advantage

7. Stretch your money further

> Learn to maximize your insurance coverage for every ringgit of your premium spent

Explore the 3C system in Profit From Crisis Online Class

The 3C system that we use:

  1. Calibrate – Locating where you are financially, so that you get to map out your path of least resistance

  2. Conserve – 4 methods to ensure you have the resources to last you through the crisis

  3. Charge – One of 3 investment methods to help you to ‘Profit From Crisis’. We don’t only teach you to fish & but we equip you with the fishing hook as well

This is a Step by Step online on demand program by J Advisory Founder & Licensed Financial Planner Ka Hoe. In just 15-20 minutes a week you will be guided on a tutorial & practical step by step to on ‘How-To’ understand your current financial situation & piece up the information along the way

As you progress, you’ll start to see a lot of the knots begin to untangle. You begin to understand why you were caught in those difficult situations. A-Ha moments will rush through you & soon begin to realize that the journey can be so fun & easy

At the end of the program, you’ll have total confidence & clarity of your life. You’ll be able to grab every opportunity that was always there but you weren’t able to ‘see’.

The curriculum (4 points):

PART 1 – Your ‘Profit From Crisis’ Foundation
Your journey begins with a strong foundation in understanding your wealth component. From there, you will learn to identify the key ingredients to 10X your wealth.

Highlights include:

> Understanding your Wealth components: Get a real understanding on what makes you tick underneath (no real finance/accounting experience needed)

> Your first exercise to get clear on where you are financially

> A tool to calculate & see how healthy your assets are growing

PART 2 – Separating the sound from the noise

Next, you will discover the pulse of your finance, allowing you to make better decisions, channel a deeper understanding of your situation & find opportunities to improve on your current state. You will gain a variety of tools for achieving this including building up reserves to capture opportunities.

Highlights include:

> Money management tool – a surprisingly simple yet effective tool that gives you clarity & automate your savings

> 3 types of conservation strategy – helps to identify & solve over commitment in 3 important aspects of your finance

> Finding out the most burdening debts – a practical tool to find out the most burdening debt you have & cutting it out from your life

> Getting the most out of your money – squeezing out every single ringgit & getting it to work on your behalf

PART 3 – Seizing the moment

Once you reach the pinnacle, you have done all the groundwork to put you in position to capture opportunities & discover why 90% of families could not.

Highlights include:

> Simple & practical – covers the 5 key criterias that you can take action right away

> An investment hack to systematically pick profitable companies & undervalued stocks – use this step by step investment hack which saves you 2 months of time & effort to filter 300 out of the 900 companies in the stock exchange

> Guided & data backed – reduce your anxiety & worry of dart throwing while stock picking & be guided to make an informed decision with 5 years of stored data from a reliable source (

> And much more!

PART 4 – Putting the puzzle together

In your final week,  you’ll uncover each of your true positions in life, and chart a smooth path towards 10X your wealth.

Highlights include:

> Step by Step – putting all the different pieces together into a tool provided to you for dashboarding & charting a path of least resistance

> Your health check metrics – financial blood test to tell you how healthy you are in different aspects of your finance

> Read in between the lines – uncover your blind spots & spot the opportunities and silver lining

Bonus included today:

  1. Your Financial Compass – A tool for putting all your financials in a dashboard to chart your direction & eliminate blind spots

  2. HIDDEN GEM System – Proven system of identifying undervalued stocks & profitable companies that are safe in less than 10 mins

  3. 10K Challenge – 21 days Challenge to Make or Conserve 10K profit with a weekly call in a live coaching session every Wednesday at 8.30 p.m.

1 review for Accelerated Profit From Crisis

  1. hawajafferi

    The way this course had been laid out makes it very simple to grasp. Mr Ka Hoe made me learn through common mistakes people do in different aspects of personal finance such as investing , saving etc. I am a college student and I have been budgeting and investing for more than a year now but I still learnt a few new things. Mr Ka Hoe guided me a lot and he didn’t use any big finance terms to confuse us. This is a great course to get started with if you are a complete beginner in personal finance.

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