Due to many countries are now reopening their borders, most people will take this opportunity to travel and explore abroad amid this post-pandemic world. We somehow don’t lose hope to keep up and blend with the new norms, although Coronavirus has affected economies all around the world and distracted our daily life in unexpected ways since two years ago.

Moreover, the vast majority of people were fully vaccinated, and because of this, people feel more secure and confident to go outside and travel again. Talking about post-pandemic vacation, if you are the one who is excited to hop on a plane these days, hit the road or even travel in any ways, you are actually not alone. Before you start planning for your vacation, uLearnMONEY has some crucial tips for you; to help protect you, your loved ones and your wallet.

1. Do your own research about the destination

Each one of us has our own favourite location that we aim to visit for our post-pandemic vacation. Be it local or regional attraction, we do have to discover how to go about visiting our preferred destination. This is because some countries do specify the obligations or rules that every visitor is required to follow when entering their country. We don’t want to end up feeling lost and confused once we arrive at the location, don’t we?

2. Plan and review your budget

Our vacation will not be fruitful if we don’t plan our trip very well. Before we get thrilled to venture into a new experience, don’t forget to do budgeting. Do consider the amount that we need to spend for our accommodation, meals, fuel/ticket flights, souvenirs, etc. Think about the impacts of having our preferred allocated amount after we come back from our vacation. Those who did save for their vacation fund, surely won’t have to worry too much. What matters most, we should get prepared and list out the things needed. A simple budgeting will give us a clear overview about our priorities and make our decisions wiser.

3. Plan your itinerary properly

Planning our itinerary will help us to save more time during our vacation. We won’t feel clueless or even frustrated on spending a lot of time thinking which places to go or visit first. With a proper itinerary, we are able to allocate our time wisely and meaningfully.  Do list out the activities and places that we wish to go, how many days, and so on. When we plan the activities, we can properly budget our money on healthy food choices, refreshments, transport and other crucial things. Every moment is precious and we have to find ways to make the most of our vacation.

4. Prepare your luggage with important ones

Every time we prepare our luggage, do ensure to bring our travel aid kit with us, in case of any emergencies. We will save more money with this little thing, believe me. Check carefully the necessary items and bring enough clothes for travelling. Take time to prepare our things, and don’t rush. Thanks to ourselves later, knowing full well that we do bring enough things we need with us throughout the trip.

5. Staying safe and healthy at all costs

While travelling to a preferred trip destination, our body will need to adjust to the current weather and it is important to always keep ourselves in a good condition. Moreover, we have to make sure to always clean our hands and bring enough masks. People nowadays are used to wearing masks, and this is one of the best ways to prevent Covid-19 or any kinds of viruses from spreading. We also shouldn’t forget to take enough food and water to stay active and hydrated; to give us ample energy to follow the schedule and do all the arranged activities. And for sure, we want to capture the meaningful moments and memories with our loved ones, family with a happy feeling and at ease.  

In the nutshell, we all want hassle-free travel, having the time to relax and reward ourselves. A carefully planned vacation will help us a lot and surely, we can save more money and time indeed.

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