Lately, it can’t be denied that everyone feels worried due to the Coronavirus outbreak that happens to us nationwide. Whatever the consequences may be and although the death toll increases daily, all of us need to be strong and protect ourselves and others by following the precautions or steps that have been highlighted and informed by our Ministry of Health, Malaysia and World Health Organization (WHO).

On the other hand, most of us may start working from home and others may feel clueless on what are the things that they should do at home amid this Movement Control Order (MCO).  If you feel bored and don’t know what to do, here are a few beneficial ways for you to keep staying vigorous and savvy during MCO period.

1. CREATE fun and meaningful activities

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This is the time for us to develop strong bonds with our loved ones, family members and children amidst the MCO issued by our Malaysian government. We don’t have to wait for long holidays or planning a family vacation in order to strengthen family bonds. We can always find ways to create fun and meaningful activities with them. There are plenty of indoor activities for us to try out such as board games, cooking, artwork, religious activities and many more. Spending a quality time with them at the same time will create more wonderful memories and help us to cherish our family bonding moments.

2. FIND ways to enhance knowledge

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Thanks to technology!  We can still find ebooks, and various types of online courses – you name it. Spending time reading and learning at home can help us to boost knowledge and improve our skills in myriad ways. In fact, many organizations nowadays are conducting free online webinars due to the social distancing and MCO period. We just have to grab this opportunity to attend and find the time to join these online webinars, for us to learn and gain more knowledge. Never stop learning everyone, it’s a lifelong process. 

3. STOP panic buying

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We need to think of others when it comes to shopping during the Coronavirus crisis. We just need to be more considerate and just buy enough what you need and don’t cross off your monthly budget. Let’s make a proper budget plan for our grocery list although it’s a simple budget plan. This is to avoid wastage of food and to the fact that not all purchased items will last longer, especially bread and fresh food such as meat, fish and vegetables. A simple budgeting plan can help us to save money for the unexpected, pay off debt and most importantly for the future. 

4. DO exercise at home 

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We don’t have to work out excessively and find a personal trainer to teach us doing physical exercises.  Doing simple exercises such as jumping jacks, stretching exercises, walking, running and even dancing will help ourselves to stay energetic. We can always find online tutorials on simple exercises. All we have to do is just keeping the body hydrated and fit every day. Actually, there are many benefits that we can gain if we do exercises regularly. For example, it can help us relax, gain a healthy body and increase our energy levels.

5. STAY positive

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All of us have been asked to suddenly change our lifestyle by working from home or staying at home. There’s no doubt that this immediate change can be stressful at times. Nevertheless, we need to remain positive even through times of uncertainty. Let’s create positive vibes at home so that we can stay calm and optimistic to overcome the challenges of this Covid-19 outbreak with an open heart and mind.

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