ENHANCE your money skills with Mr Nicholas Chu, CFP, A five-day financial management online course! (1 August to 8 August 2021)

With today’s current pandemic situation, let’s spend our time smartly and learn how to manage our finance wisely with Mr Nicholas Chu, a Certified Financial Planner who has a vast experience in financial education! 

 ????This 5-day course will include:

 ????Cash Flow management 1/8/2021

 ????Investment planning 2/8/2021

 ????Personal tax 3/8/2021

 ????Risk Management 5/8/2021

 ???? Estate Planning 6/8/2021

 ⏰Class time: 7:30pm-11:00pm

Financial speaker: Mr Nicholas Chu, CFP, The Founder of MAX WEALTH Advisory

He is a certified financial planner, the creator of “Financial Management Password Strategy”, a best-selling financial management writer, CFP, a professional financial management course instructor, a financial education trainer and a master coach.

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#Let’s elevate our financial literacy together!

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