All of us realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused substantial changes to our daily lives. Wearing a mask and keeping a social distancing are examples of the new norms that we have to execute whenever we go out of the house. Nevertheless, sadly, there are still people who don’t comply with the rules or the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Moreover, we can say that some people may find themselves struggling with sadness, grief and fatigue of adjusting to the new norms. However for some, they take this pandemic as a silver lining to settle into their new daily habits. Although many factors during these unprecedented times remain outside of our control, we still have to confront the current situations, no matter what. Thus, let’s have a look at these five vital tips to help us boost our resilience and adapt ourselves to the new normal.

1. Keep ourselves MOTIVATED

Although each of us confront different hurdles in life, we still need to remain strong and motivated at all times. If we fail to do this, we will end up feeling distress throughout this pandemic in which this situation is uncertain. No one knows when this pandemic will end entirely. Thus, once in a while, it is okay not to feel okay at times and it is also okay to seek for support and help. Think positive and all things will be able to settle down and run smoothly. We don’t need a lot of money to gain inspirations or encouragements. Good relationships with people around us and our loved ones are enough for us to keep ourselves motivated every day. In every obstacle, there will be an ease. We just have to believe it.


Adjusting to the new norms can somehow direct us to have new unhealthy habits such as caffeine all day, skipping meals, doomscrolling and et cetera. In fact during this pandemic, we will be tempted with numerous great sales on online shopping items. For example, the new trends, patterns and creative design of masks, face mask extender or extension and many more. Not only that, many new products are booming during this pandemic time. What we can do is to remove this sort of temptation. We have to make healthier choices by ensuring that we need to buy the things that are necessary. We all don’t want to end up with a lot of stocks on various face masks at home, aren’t we? Let’s fill our time with healthy activities. We can always look up for beneficial things to do such as enrolling in online courses, attending webinars, doing our meaningful hobbies, spending time with our family and others.

3. Maintain GOOD SELF-CARE

During these uncertain times, it is advisable for all of us to take care of our body and mind. Don’t fill our thoughts with negative mindset, having lack of sleep and don’t get enough rest as these will only multiple our anxiety. Let’s fill our time with simple exercises and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. It is better to spend our money on healthy food and drinks, rather than splurging on fast food or unhealthy snacks. By taking care of our healthy properly, we will have ample of energy to manage and find the solutions on the problems that we are facing.


It is during this challenging time that we need to prioritize more on our basic needs first—shelter, food, clothing, utilities and transportation. Thus, it is important for us to prioritize which bills that we are going to pay first. Moreover, we can plan our weekly meals to avoid spending more money in ordering food delivery or takeout. When we prioritize our payments while adjusting ourselves to the new norms, we will then be able to manage our expenses and bills properly. The key is to never ignore your bills or main payments. Keeping track on our expenses and managing our shopping online can help us to have more financial security in the long run.


We all want the Covid-19 crisis to be over as soon as possible. Staying patient is indeed crucial so that we can reduce our stress to manage our emotional reactions to change in the new norms. We do need time to adapt to these current situations. If we are being hard on ourselves, this will only make us feel more frazzled and isolated. Do give ourselves time and always remember that we are not alone. Let’s be grateful, knowing that there are ways and things we can do to address our financial challenges and even other hitches in life. God willing, we all will be able to make the best decisions for ourselves and families during this difficult time.


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