11 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Daily Expenses

Some of us may think that saving money in our daily life is hard nowadays. One of the major reasons is because we have a pile of debts, in which we are trying to get rid of those debts as soon as we can. Apart from that, the other reason is due to myriad financial goals that we want to achieve for certain purposes or occurrences. Hey, don’t worry everyone! Although we all may have different priorities and come from all walks of life, we do share the same financial goal eventually.

While we keep focusing on paying off debts and managing our finance, we may tend to neglect on how to save more on our everyday expenditures. Let’s check out these creative and easy ways to save money on our daily expenses and also surely to help us save extra money for our hard cash and debts.

1. Plan your meals ahead

If we plan our meals in advance, especially at least for a week, we can save our money by only buying what we need. By knowing what we will eat for our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a week or perhaps, a month, we can easily list out the grocery list and shop for groceries effectively. This strategy indeed saves our time and helps us to avoid wasting food. Every time we wake up in the morning, we don’t have to rack our brains on what to eat every day and what items that we should buy the minute we arrive at the supermarket or grocery store.

2. Get started with your DIY savings jars or banks

One of the creative ways to save money is by simply making a DIY savings bank for ourselves. Each and every one of us is unique and creative in our own ways. We can make a self-sorting coin bank and savings banks from a variety of materials such as boxes, glass jars, water bottles, tins and others. These DIY savings banks are not only suitable for adults but we can also encourage and teach our kids to start saving through this fun way. At the end of the day, we don’t have to worry about where to keep our spare change and coins anymore. This is truly an effortless way to save money isn’t it? Thus, by the time our savings jars are full, we can collect the amount of money saved and safely deposit it into our savings account in bank.

3. Make use of coupons or discount vouchers

We need to make use of coupons or vouchers available at the restaurants, supermarkets and online stores. For example, whenever we order an online food delivery, we might get awesome coupons or vouchers. Hence, do not throw away any coupons given or vouchers pasted on the food packaging. We can use them for upcoming or future orders to buy the selected items at the cheapest price. And of course, we need to check the expiry date of the coupons so that we are aware of the great deals and the current promotions.

4. Try DIY your own gifts

If we feel that we have more time to do crafty items, we can try to make and give homemade gifts ourselves rather than buying presents. However, if we do think that we are not creative enough, we can always look for ideas, samples and refer to any DIY gifts online. No worries, everyone! There are tons of online tutorials or resources that can help us out to make one.

5. Control and reduce your smoking or vaping habit

Smoking or vaping is not only addictive but it is also costly if you think of how much money that you may possibly burn per day. Do love yourself and your family everyone. You definitely don’t want to encounter health care issues afterwards. Try to reduce, control and evade your smoking/vaping habit by simply doing other interesting activities or meaningful habits.

6. Use eco-friendly bags

Aside from spending our money on plastics bags whenever we buy something, we can buy the reusable bags instead. Although it will initially cost more; nonetheless, we can use these kinds of bags over and over again. Most of them are machine-washable and come in different sizes, stylish prints, patterns as well as colours to suit our lifestyle and preference. When purchasing ours, make sure to pay attention on these three aspects: washability, material and capacity. In other words, we need to choose reusable shopping bags that can offer us more years of use and durability.

7. Make your own coffee

Some of us cannot start the day without having a cup of coffee. Are you one of them? It’s okay if we want to treat ourselves with a nice coffee once in a while. Since most of us love to drink coffee so much, we will probably need to spend between RM3 to RM12 per day, depending on what types of coffee and brands that we prefer. Therefore, despite of doing regular order at the coffee shop or minimarket every morning before reaching the office or starting our work, it is better for us to make our own cup of coffee. Now that most of us are working from home, we can easily save money on coffee even more and customize it exactly how we like.

8.  Get yourself a reusable water bottle

Using a reusable water bottle is one of the ways to help us save a ton of money too. Why is that so? This is because we don’t have to buy mineral water or plastic bottles at convenient stores regularly. By having our own reusable water bottle to keep us hydrated while on the go, we can also save the environment, and definitely we can bring it anywhere we want to, for easy access to our personal supply of water.

9. Drink more water

Drinking more water every single day is another easy way to save money on expensive beverages or drinks such as soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and others. There are many advantages of drinking a plenty of water. For example, we can maximize our energy levels and brain function. Apart from that, by staying hydrated and drinking more water, this strategy also can assist us with some health problems like constipation, headaches, kidney stones and even can help us to lose weight too.

10. Concern about your health

If we take care of ourselves properly, we can certainly save money on expensive medical bills or consultations. Therefore, what we all have to do is to ensure that we get enough sleep, adequate rest, do regular exercises, maintain a healthy lifestyle and of course, we need to eat healthy food to keep us stay healthy and fit. Staying healthy can prevent us from having major illnesses and this means that we will have less in health care costs as well. Let’s stay safe and healthy everyone!

11. Buy quality items or products

When we buy any items or products, it is important for us to choose the quality ones. Purchasing good and quality items can save us more money in the long run. We just need to buy quality products that will last longer and can save us more on the maintenance. When we talk about quality, a quality product doesn’t mean that it has to be the high-priced or branded one. To avoid splurging or spending on classy and unnecessary items, we can always choose any good items by checking and testing them out prudently in order to fit our budget and lifestyle.


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